Welcome Me Europe

Come to Europe, all you have to do is decide. Chose any property in Greece through us or independently and we will do the rest.

Welcome Me Europe is a law and real estate organization based in Greece, a popular, safe, relaxed sun and sea blessed Mediterranean nation which offers the simplest and least costly gateway to Europe and European immigration.

We have created a one stop establishment where you conveniently find the affordable real-estate properties in Greece appropriate for obtaining the Golden Visa through our experienced and proven lawyers, legal experts and immigration advocates as well as resting assured that the value of the real estate that you have purchased for your residence status is also worth every Euro that you have spent on it.

In fact we have made sure that our properties selected for this residence program can independently be considered a business investment regardless of your migration purposes and can be considered a smart investment in their own merit. This is the service you deserve to get when a group of expert immigration lawyers and real estate agents work together as an organized and professional team. Our accountants, property surveyors and real estate negotiators do the rest of the work for you to negotiate the best deal.

Our lawyers have years of experience in immigration and residence in Greece and Europe long before the introduction of the Golden Visa Program which provides five years of residence in Greece/Europe leading to a full time residency and citizenship in most of the continent in only seven years for you and your family. Since the start of the Golden visa program our legal staff have successfully provided such residence permits in Greece by purchasing desirable holiday and permanent residence homes around the country. For your convenience we have a selection of homes all of which are specifically handpicked for obtaining the right visa to welcome you to Europe, and this is how we at WelcomMeEurope thank you and welcome you to Europe.

All you have to do is select a home, tell us about your family requirements and we will make a package designed for you with all expenses, fees, taxes, registrations, certificates and fees included. The next step is to arrange a power of attorney for our legal staff to do the rest of the work for you. Our team can’t wait to welcome you to Europe. Read on about the current criteria to reside in Europe from our legal team in our Greek/European Real Estate Investment Criteria.

Note: If you have already selected a home anywhere else in Greece, mainland or the Greek islands independently or through any agent, we are happy to evaluate, survey your home and take care of all your legal immigration requirements.